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Bed Time Fan White Noise Sound

Developer: coolsharp

Get to sleep in 20 minutes or less with this white noise fan app with Bed Time Fan™ High quality deep sleep and fall asleep faster with this fan sounds app! √ Highest Quality Sleep √ Highest Quality Fan Sounds / White Noise√ Fall Asleep Faster √ 3 Soothing High Quality Fan Sounds √ Sleep timer with soft fade out √ White noise fan sound works fast√ Keeps fan sounds running in background
Many people rely on the white noise sound of their fan to help them fall asleep...
Problem is that you can't always bring your fan with you!!
...BUT wait, you have your iPhone or iPad with you 95% of the time!! So if you download this FREE app then you have the white noise of your fan with you wherever you are!
Get a better sleep with Bed Time Fan! Download now for FREE!